Ramps Quilt Top

This is my second entry in 2018 Pantone Ultra Violet Quilt Challenge hosted by Rebecca Bryan, Bryan House Quilts, and Sarah Elizabeth Sharp, No Hats in the House. Ramps quilt top is 56″x 79″ made by me, Elizabeth Ray, in the USA. I also entered Pickle Burst in the quilts category. Click here for my Ramps Instagram post.

I made and designed this quilt specifically for this challenge. I have been playing around in my head with the idea of a series inspired by my own Brides quilt.

I designed Ramps in EQ8. I originally was planning on curves like Bridges but the half rectangle angles spoke to me the most. I needed to quickly play with the shapes, size, and colors and EQ8 allowed me to do that. I am still learning and this is my first design in EQ8 I have sewn.


I ended up with this design in EQ8. I used different saturation and hues of purple to get the effect I liked and make sections. I had ordered a bunch of purple solids but it was after I designed it with colors available in EQ8 that I matched my stash fabrics as best I could as I went.

I made the blocks around 14″ x 28″ as 14″ is wof divided by 3. I like to maximize fabric usage. and wanted this quilt to be large scale. My Bridges quilt was a mini at 16″x18″ with 4″x5.5″ blocks.

I used a loose approach to the half rectangles and then squared up at whatever size they became. I also wasn’t concerned at all with the vertical stripes in each block matching other blocks, in fact I preferred they didn’t line up. I did take extra care to line up the  diagonal points and all the block center intersections. This first intersection makes me so happy!

Pickle Burst Quilt

Hi from the USA all! It is once again that time of year for the Pantone Quilt Challenge hosted by Rebecca Bryan, Bryan House Quilts, and Sarah Elizabeth Sharp, No Hats in the House.  As always this inspires me to write a blog post!

This is my entry in the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2018 quilts category. Check out all the entries, so much fun!

I just settled on a final name for this quilt yesterday, Pickle Burst. I find it fitting as it uses Kona Pickle for the background color. The yellows and purples are assorted RJR solids.

This quilt I started in a Jacquie Gering workshop hosted by my local Q.U.I.L.T. guild in July 2017. I completed the top a few months later then it sat a waiting for amazing quilting plans. Fast forward to March 2018 and it was still unfinished.  When I saw some other members were entering their versions in @nwamqg quilt show I knew I needed to just get it done.

I went to my current go-to of straight lines using my Juki 2000 on a grace frame. TO still make it a bit ‘fancy’ I spaced the lines at 3/8″. I used Aurifil 5015 in 50wt and Quilters Dream Wool batting. It finished at 62″x78″. At the end of it all I love the straight lines and how it adds texture but lets the improv and quilt design be the star.

I posted these pictures on Instagram April 9th and response has been vast and spectacular. RJR Fabrics even reposted it a few weeks later.

When I was working on pulling a stack of purple solids for my Ramps quilt for this Ultra Violet challenge in late April 2018, a friend commented “Do I see some of your Supernova purple in that stack?” Well… probably but I used up most of those cuts and had restocked!! Long story short, it occurred to me to enter Pickle Burst in the Ultra Violet Challenge too.

Pattern is Supernova from the book, Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen. In the workshop I learned to gather some like colors to create interest and not make it all so sprinkled about.

I am so impressed with this quilt it has a hanging sleeve (I sewed on after this picture) and it will be hung on our wall soon!



Star Light Star Dark QAL – Finish and Quilting

What a great QAL by Jessica Skultety of quiltyhabit.com! I have had a great time making, sharing, following and supporting everyone. I completed my quilt and couldn’t be more excited with it! Big thanks to Jessica for the design, QAL, encouragement, and guidance along the way. Continue reading “Star Light Star Dark QAL – Finish and Quilting”

Bonus Scraps Key Fob Tutorial

I am so excited to share how to make some great key fobs from Improv Tote scraps.

I just love making the Crafty Gemini Improv Tote Bags from the Missouri Star Quilt Co YouTube channel. To date I have made 10 or more. They make excellent gifts and I was making a set of 3 bags for my child’s teachers when I developed a method to turn the corner scraps into great matching key fobs! I just had to share.

Continue reading “Bonus Scraps Key Fob Tutorial”