Modern Baby Boy quilt.

On April 11th I saw some college friends of ours had a baby boy and I instantly wanted to make him a quilt. My WIP list was at a low point of 2 so why not! I do find planning quilts for boys and men harder so I did some IG and Pinterest searching and saw this […]

Apraxia Charm Box Quilt

When my good old high school friend Nancy asked if I could make a donation quilt for the speech apraxia event she was organizing I didn’t hesitate to say YES!

Toy Oven Mitt Tutorial

We have 2 of the Melissa and Doug toy oven mitts and my girls just love them. Every time they play in thier kitchen those mitts are used. A few weeks ago when we had friends over I noticed all the other kids drawn to and using the mitts too. Seems kids love them some […]