Toy Oven Mitt Tutorial

We have 2 of the Melissa and Doug toy oven mitts and my girls just love them. Every time they play in thier kitchen those mitts are used. A few weeks ago when we had friends over I noticed all the other kids drawn to and using the mitts too. Seems kids love them some toy oven mitts!

After a quick analysis of the Melissa and Doug mitts, it was clear to me I could make these easily. I let my 3 year old pick some fabric from my stash, Cotton and Steel octopuses for the win.



Outside fabric 8*6 inches (2)

Inside liner fabric 8*6 inches (2)

Thin batting material 8*6 inches (2)

Half inch Double fold bias tape 12 inches

Oven Mitt Template PDF Template Here


I first made a quick mitten template on paper. I traced the existing mitt, it was about 7.75 tall and 6.75 wide. You can print my pdf template.

Gather fabric and batting pieces. Make a quilt sandwich with one piece of lining fabric face down, batting on top, then outsider fabric on top right side facing up.

Use a thin batting or even flannel, I used Quilters Dream Cotton Request and it was still a little thick but works. I want to test with some flannel as batting.

Quilt the sandwich as desired. I checkerboard on point or have fun with some free motion. I did the later with the octopuses.

Then cut out the mitt shape using the temple. Be sure one sandwich is face up and the second one face down. Ask me how I know… No worries just fix it by making 2 like I had to!

Add the bias tape. Cut two 6 inch pieces of double fold bias tape. I happen to have some old packages in my stash but you could make your own for sure. I fit the tape around the bottom edge of each mitt shape and attached with a single straight stich.

Join by placing the 2 pieces with outsides fabrics together with liner fabric on the outsides. Then I used my serger to sew around the outside leaving long thread tails on both ends.  When going around get the best you can in the thumb corner and jump across. I found it best to disable my blade while serging. If you don’t have a serger you can zigzag stich.

Then I went  back around the inside of the serger seam to reinforce and this time I can sew in and pivot in the thumb corner.

Weave your serger thread tails up the side seam a couple inches  and trim. also clip the thumb corner between the server jump thread and to the sewn pivot point.


Turn the oven mitt right sides out and present to a young person. My 12 month old and almost 4 year old equally enjoy them.


Let me know if you have any questions. Hit me up on IG for faster response.

Also if you make any please tag me and use the hash tag #toyovenmitt I would love to see what you make and if your kiddos like them too.