Modern Baby Boy quilt.

On April 11th I saw some college friends of ours had a baby boy and I instantly wanted to make him a quilt. My WIP list was at a low point of 2 so why not! I do find planning quilts for boys and men harder so I did some IG and Pinterest searching and saw this wonder modern design by Red Pepper Quilts. Ah yes solid fabric, that is the answer!! True be told I have be building a stash of solids but not used much of them yet. Also I have a super strong affection for HSTs, so this project will be perfect. I did some quick quilty math and decided to make the HST 4 and 8 inch finished. I have a small stash of baby quilt backings and picked a nice white double gauze with red owls and then pulled from my solid stash and choose brown, red, and yellow for the HSTs.

This was a fun quick project. I bordered the quilt 2 inches on the sides and 5 inches for top and bottom. I decided to do one of my favorite HST straight line quilting designs with the double lines intersecting in the corners. To make the quilting more fun and bold I choose yellow thread and one line of red thread around the boarder.

For the binding I used Modern Background Paper – Metrics. It is a great math themed pattern and perfect because we know the baby’s parents from grad school and they are both professors of mathematics. True be told it didn’t offer the contrast I would have normally chosen in a binding for this design but it was the perfect choice for this recipient.

I am happy with the results, enjoy sweet baby Kieran.