Bonus Scraps Key Fob Tutorial

I am so excited to share how to make some great key fobs from Improv Tote scraps.

I just love making the Crafty Gemini Improv Tote Bags from the Missouri Star Quilt Co YouTube channel. To date I have made 10 or more. They make excellent gifts and I was making a set of 3 bags for my child’s teachers when I developed a method to turn the corner scraps into great matching key fobs! I just had to share.

Follow the MSQC Improv Tote videos Part 1 and Part 2.

I cut off the boxed corner triangle pieces.



Unpick the foam seam. It is a short 2.5″. Repeat for both, you will have 2 flat little pieces.



Now sew the 2 short ends together, finger press the seam open. Sew down the open seam by top stitching each side down. I do this from the backside. I found this to be helpful controlling the bulk and opening the seam fully.


Square up the piece to be 2 inches wide. (I am using 1″ key fob hardware)


Flip over to the backside, foam side up, and draw a line along the long center. This will be 1″ from each side. Then fold each long side into the center to meet. I used some school glue and clips to tack in place. there is fusible on this foam but with the small piece and bulky fold I needed the extra glue. Repeat bringing in the other side to meet on the center line..


Cut a piece of back side fabric 2″ wide and the same length as your foam piece. I used some white on white. Fold it in half joining long ends, crease. Open and fold one side into the center and press.


Fold the other side over on top of the first side but not all the way to the edge. We want to hid the raw edge. I glue basted again to keep it all together for the next step.


Position onto the back of the foam piece raw edges together.


Top stitch along each long side.


Fold you piece long ways right beside the bulky center seam. You will not be able to fold it in half as it is too bulky. Trim off the extra on the long end.


Position the 2 raw ends into the key fob hardware. I bought the Country Brook 1″ key fob hardware on Amazon.


Using standard pliers and a towel to protect the metal. Clamp down firmly on both sides.




(I added these swivel clips and inserted D rings in the side seam of my bags to attach the key fob)