Star Light Star Dark QAL – Fabric Choices

I decided to participate in QuiltyHabit’s Star Light Star Dark QAL. The design appealed to me, patchwork, stars, and no light constant background fabric. I make a lot of quilts with light background fabrics, so it is good to branch out.

I didn’t have any set colors in mind I simply went to my stash and started to see what colors had a wide range of values. First it was clear I have a range of oranges. I pulled out everything I thought would work laid them out. Next up was Blue. I had a lot of blue and some good new blue fabrics from a recent scrap box purchase. It was getting late and I was tired so I snapped a quick picture and went to bed.


The next morning I went hunting for a third color. I really wanted to use yellow but I just didn’t have enough light yellows and I wanted to use from my stash and not purchase new fabrics. The scrap box was a green-teal-blue mix and it offered some good dark and light teal pieces. So I tried teal. I added from my stash too.

Then I proceeded to take a cell phone picture, convert it to greyscale, rearrange, and eliminate fabrics. I did this over and over for each color. Probably 5-8 times per color. Here a some early selection pics:

IMG_20160709_110447 IMG_20160709_111012 IMG_20160709_105626

I was a bit worried about the blue and teal looking the same and made some moves from the blue stack to the teal stack. At the end I arrived at 6-8 light and dark of each color way. Excited for the next step.


I am linking up with QuiltyHabit.