February = selfish sewing

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I decided to participate in BerryBarnDesign’s #4x7sewingchallenge this month. Back in November I fell in love with the Chic County quilt Pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful. I got the ruler for Christmas and dreamed of making this quilt with the Leah Duncan Morning Walk fabrics I won from Art Gallery Fabrics. Come January I received some fabric bundles from my mother-in-law including Anna Maria Horner’s True Colors. The more I thought about this project the more  I wanted high contrast. I wasn’t  sure the lights and darks in the morning walk collection were going to accomplish this for me. Thus I decided to base my chic country quilt around the AMH true colors. I pondered this choice much of January while quilting other projects. But I wasn’t starting my chic country quilt. Oh I forgot to mention Chic County was always going to be my quilt for me. I could see it getting push out with other quilts and I was planning and designing more quilts in my head. Hence why I needed the #4x7sewingchallenge.

Sew everyday and sew for me! I sew most days already so this challenge just keeps me focused on Chic County. Let me just say chic country is a massive project plus a am making it longer so 768 curved pieces! I don’t expect to finish this month but I know this challenge will certainly drive progress. I have been trying to post every day or two on my Instagram account.

Pictures from this week.

Here’s my fabrics (I ordered more that’s in transit). I want it to be very scrapy with 4 or less of each part A, B, C, D  from each print.


Here’s a sample block. I pieced the 4 petals the practice and gauge the difficulty of curved piecing. This is my first time ever doing curved piercing.


Day 9,I finished all the AB piecing (of in Stock fabrics) and started piecing on the C parts.


8 thoughts on “February = selfish sewing”

  1. Wow, curves!! This is a neat pattern and I’ve just started seeing a lot of curves being tackled out there in the quilty world. Not sure I can handle it!!

    1. I wasn’t sure either but the Quick Curve Ruler is a gentle curve and it is surprisingly not hard. Sew Kind of Wonderful has some great video tutorials.

  2. I really need to break out my QCR, Elizabeth… maybe THIS should be my picnic quilt pattern! Hmm, that would kill two birds with one stone since I’d get my progress started for the challenge goal and finally take the plastic off the ruler I *had to have* a year ago : P

    And yes, you can join the challenge from IG directly, but hey, now you have a blog for your finishes!

    1. Yes, this would be perfect for a picnic quilt! Bust out the QCR. I am excited to house my finishes in one place…now to find time to post the back log.

  3. Loving the colors! And that blocks is so cool, you did great with the curved piecing. That’s done with a quick curve ruler? I’ve been seeing things pop up about that ruler a lot lately, I may have to invest in one with all these lovely patterns cropping up! Can’t wait to see the progress you make with the 4×7 challenge! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes the quick curve ruler. Every step has been as easy as they say. I think they write great patterns too, lots of visuals, easy to follow. Curves are kind of addicting, I am already shopping for the next pattern.

    1. Give it a try, you’d be surprised. The Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns leave a lot of room for error, as you square up all the blocks after sewing. I am glad I am trying it, they are a lot of fun!

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