Greenery – 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge

Greenery 66″x84″. I am excited about this Greenery challenge and will briefly share my journey so far. First off welcome back! It has been 7 months since a wrote a blog post. Just know you can always find me posting frequently on Instagram. @elizabethkray

From when I first read about the Greenery Challenge hosted by No Hats in the House and Bryan House Quilts I knew I wanted to participate. Green is such a fun color!!

I needed a plan, always the hardest part! I had the From Blank Pages Locked in Spots pattern pinned as a must make and figured what better time than with greenery! I had the original pattern from Make Modern Magazine Issue 9 but after reading the details decided I wanted to really make it my own and not use the pattern which was all paper piecing.

I made my quilt without paper piecing and the scale and some details are different. I pieced all my circles at 8 inches using the Six Minute Circle method by Dale Fleming. My blocks are 12.5″ cut with the circles centered. 8″ circles fit all my Tula Pink fussy cut fabrics nicely.

After I pieced all my circles I then snowballed the corners with dark and light green scrappy fabrics from my stash. First with long strips then adding in the Solid Kona Clover triangles. I had a method and paper guides to help me keep everything square. It worked well, created lots of cream scraps but my point matched up pretty well so it was worth it. Look for a cream HSt project in my future!

I played around on paper many times sketching and coloring with different arrangements and settled on this final one. I added a few pops of pink for fun and interest. I really like how it turned out and was great use of many of my great Tula Pink prints from my stash. I only purchased the Tiger new to make this quilt.

I have plans to quilt this top myself soon. My MQG chapter is running a Greenery challenge as well and we will be showing them at the June 20th meeting. I am determined to finish it by then. I wish I could have gotten it done in time for the online blog challenge but I worked on multiple charity quilting projects this month and I just ran out of time in May.

The top measures 66″x84″ and was just to big for my fence or husband to hold. So my husband and myself held the quilt top best we could while my 4 year old took the pictures. Boy wish I was taller!

I am linking up with No Hats in the House and Bryan House Quilts for  this challenge.