2018 Bonnie and Camille Ornament Swap

It’s time for the 4th annual #bcchristmasfun swap. Cute little ornaments made with BC fabric, what’s not to love!

I am super excited to be hosting the #bcchristmasfun Bonnie and Camille Ornament Swap again this year! Jen Van Orman @heritage.threads passed the reins to me in 2017 and it continues to be a lot of fun.

For this swap you signup AFTER you make your ornaments.

Sign up link, click here.

Here is details for this year:

1️⃣ Limit 8

Make as many ornaments as you’d like to make, up to 8 to swap. If you have 5 to swap, you’ll send out 5 to their new homes and receive 5 in return. If you have 2, send 2 and receive 2. There is a cap of 8 ornaments this year, so focus your energy on 8 (or less) really AWESOME ones.

2️⃣ Make first then sign up.

Start making ornaments now! Sign up form will be available and close Monday November 26th. When you sign up you must have all your ornaments complete and post a picture on IG with hashtag #bcchristmasfun and tag me @elizabethkray. I will verify this.

3️⃣ Shipping

I’ll assign partners by Saturday December 1st and  email you the addresses, then you’ll send out each of your ornament(s) to each person. Each ornament usually fits in a standard envelope with 1 first class US stamp, it’s the easiest shipping swap ever! You must ship asap by Wednesday December 5th at the latest.

This year will will have options for 1)United States only, 2)United States and Canada, or 3) International options for swapping/shipping participants.

4️⃣ Use Bonnie and Camille Fabrics

Only use #bonnieandcamille fabric with the exception of some coordinating solids.

5️⃣Ornament Construction

Ornaments must be quilted! That means 3 layers and some quilting, only ditch quilting is ok too. Binding is optional, pillowcase finish or pinking shears edging is accepted.

6️⃣Think mini mini block!

Ornaments must contain some piecing work or appliqued pieces. Think like a mini little quilt block. Be creative, have fun!

7️⃣ Size

Keep ornaments to smaller than 5″x5”

Share with all your quilting B&C friends and have fun getting ready and making your ornaments!

Share your progress on the hashtag #bcchristmasfun so we call all follow along.

Check the hashtag #bcchristmasfun for inspiration from previous years too!

Any questions let me know.