4×7 Sewing Challenge – Week 2

My second week working on my Chic Country quilt was productive. I finished sewing the C and D pieces on to what I call the petals, for half the quilt(more on this later). Each block consists of 4 petals in this design. Now I am in the squaring up each petal phase. I am really happy with the quilt and love love love all the fabrics I have into.

Now on to why I am working with only half the project, when I do love to chain piece. Simple. I am waiting on fabric. I needed to order more fabric options to achieve the extra scrappy look. I also wanted more yellow and orange integrated. I ordered online as I always do, plus I had some gift cards, but unfortunately they are being super super slow. It has been 2 weeks and the fabric hasn’t even shipped. I did contact them and hope to get a quick resolution but it looks like it will not have my additional fabrics in hand till next week at this rate. I am totally bummed. So in the mean time I did recheck my stash and bundles, added some low volumes, and then calculated how many pieces to set aside to maintain a random integration of the fabrics yet to arrive(2 colors and 5 low volumes) . I then have counted, pieced and piled some: just A’s, some AB’s, and some ABC’s waiting to be finished.

With my youngest being sick, my husband out on business this week, my mom visiting, and my first MQG meeting I am not getting in many sewing hours anyways. I do hope to finish the squaring of petals I have in week 3 and arrange that half of the quilt on the design wall to enjoy.

While I am sad I can’t work on Chic Country I still want to continue selfish sewing so I am planning in my head another quilt. I have recently been adding a lot of Tula Pink fabrics to my stash and know I would enjoy them more in a quilt. I am still trying to decide but I am thinking an equilateral triangle quilt as I have yet to try those…we will see.

Here a quick picture of 16 petals.