4×7 Sewing Challenge – conclusion

One day later,  March 1, and I finished my Chic County quilt top! I am so excited. It was a great month sewing on this and a Tula Pink Elizabeth dresden mini while I waited on  more fabric.

Berry Barn Designs

One last time I am linking up with BerryBarnDesign’s.  I am thankful to Sarah at BerryBarnDesign’s and the #4x7sewingchallenge. Even though I sew most everyday, this kept me on task with selfish sewing. Believe me  I was tempted many times to work on other projects.

Other news this 4th week of February, I got a new sewing machine. The Juki tl-2010q is amazing. I did all the curved sewing on my Brother se400 and Juki arrived just in time for joining all the petals. It sewed with ease, speed, and precision through the thick intersections. Such a joy!


The juki and I even made a cute mini mini quilt, coaster with some scraps. It’s a wonky 4.5-5.5 inch quadrilateral.


My Chic County quilt really is beautiful, I simply adore it.


4 thoughts on “4×7 Sewing Challenge – conclusion”

  1. I could look at that quilt for days and days. It’s just so intriguing! What a great finished product!!! I’m actually losing my mind as I look and look and keep seeing completely different things and then I can’t find what I saw the last time I looked!!

    1. Me too! I tossed in over 50 different fabrics. I love everything this design has to offer. Happy Circles I think I will call it.

  2. This quilt is so awesome, Elizabeth! I love how perfectly balanced and bright and fun it is : ) Congratulations on a really successful month of sewing, and on your new sewing machine! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I try not to over think the randomness and just add in pieces as I go. I sandwiched the quilt last night. I am trying wool batting for the time, excited about the puff it adds. I am glad I heard about and joined the challenge, it came at a good time for me. See you around and for the challenge next year for sure!

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